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At Hogan Bros we offer a wide range of automotive products to ensure worry free motoring.



At Hogan Bros we can fit the latest dash cameras to your car.

These record all activity in front and behind your vehicle and can prevent whiplash claims.

Contact us now to discuss how a Hogan Bros fitted dash camera is essential.


DPF Cleaning

Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) are commonly found fitted to most diesel cars.

These can become blocked due to driving and even though these are designed to regenerate, sometimes they fail and a DPF warning light will illuminate on the dash.

Often your car will go into what is called 'limp mode' to protect it until you can get it to a garage.

At Hogan Bros we can offer the following:

  • Assessment of DPF condition 
  • Inspection of filters and cleaning with appropriate flushing agents
  • Use of specialist DPF cleaning equipment
  • testing and error light clearance
  • Free collection & free delivery on your vehicle


At Hogan Bros we stock a wide variety of car batteries for many models and come in standard type or premium.  

We have the latest equipment to reboot and clear your cars ECU (often resultying from battery failure). 

For  newer types of vehicle we also provide a corresponding start-stop (AGM) battery, this is required if your vehicle is fitted with a start-stop engine.



Hogan Bros are fitters of the new AlloyGator protection system for wheels and car rims.

These are discreet alloy wheel protection covers that cover your wheels from abrasion.

Find out more about AlloyGator Wheel Protection here







Interior car carpet is one of the easiest areas of a vehicle to wear and damage, for this reason it requires protection. Hogan Bros offers MotorMats by CovProtec to prevent wear and tear to your cars interior.

Contact Hogan Bros to discuss your car mat requirements.


Remember, Hogan Bros offers free customer collection for all theses services.

Hogan Bros, in Redditch, are highly experienced in car servicing, mechanical repairs and can handle all aspects of MOT’s, maintenance and
upgrades for all vehicles.

HOGANBROS Vehicle Service Centre
71 Arthur Street
Lakeside, Redditch
B98 8LQ

Opening Times:
Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 5:30 pm